Robo Debt class action launched

“The innocent must be repaid with interest and damages”

Lawyer Peter Gordon and former Labor leader Bill Shorten have alleged in Canberra today that Centrelink’s Robo-debt program is UNLAWFUL.

Mr Gordon and Mr Shorten have asked for people who have been caught up in a Centrelink robo-debt (automatically generated alleged debt) to come forward and join a class action law suit against the Commonwealth of Australia.

“Robo-debt is both unlawful and unethical in the way that it seeks to recover debts by requiring supposed debtors to disprove a data-matched debt,” said Bill Shorten today.

The basis for the legal challenge is that Centrelink financially benefited from wrongly taking money that legitimately belonged to pensioners and beneficiaries.

Gordon Legal Senior Partner, Peter Gordon said: “Between two to three hundred million dollars have been wrongly taken from people and making it even worse was many were hit with penalties of 10 per cent.”

“The Robo-debt system put debt collectors onto innocent people to chase unlawful debts.

“They have been unfairly financially disadvantaged and must be repaid with interest, penalties dropped and damages paid.”

To sign up for the class action click here and enter your details including Centrelink Reference Number.


Jason Bryce


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