Guide to RoboDebt refunds: KMA ROBODEBT

This is how to get your Centrelink RoboDebt (tax-averaged debt) repaid to you.
This step-by-step guide will get you the money.
373,000 past customers of Centrelink (since 2015) are getting an average pay out of $1,932. All 470,000 Centrelink RoboDebts have been overturned by a historic court judgement. The government is still fighting about debts found when they asked people to bring in documents.
ScoMo has apologised for the hurt and the suffering but now it’s time for Centrelink to pay out $721 million.
Here is how to do get your slice of the RoboDebt Jackpot:
  1. Sign into myGov, go to Centrelink online.
  2. Select Refund pending task.
  3. Click ‘start task’ follow prompts to complete
  4. Submit your updated details.
  5. Sit back and wait up to five days for your PAY OUT and a letter in the snail mail. And yes all the fees, charges and interest is being repaid too. If you haven’t repaid your debt, it is now zero.
  6. Don’t see Refund Pending Task? Ask for explanation:
  7. Go to Payments and Claims in menu
  8. Select Income Compliance refund query
  9. Answer the questions & submit.

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payWave crimeWave – Cops warn: Lock up your cars, protect your cards

Tap and Steal: COVID-19 sparks contactless payments crime spree

The $200 limit for contactless payments with no PIN or signature has led to an apparent crime spree. This kind of theft was in decline before COVID-19.

During the last three months, Police in Australia and New Zealand have issued more than 48 warnings, public statements and social media posts about contactless card fraud.

Since the 3rd of April 2020 when the limit was doubled from $100 to $200, criminals seem to have targeted Visa payWave and Mastercard Tap & Go cards.


The $200 limit was introduced after pressure from Visa and Mastercard, who said they were exploring ways to support Australians.

“Many Australians are being hurt by Tap and Steal card fraud,” said Tim Wildash, CEO of Next Payments and a leading advocate of the cash economy.

“Banks cover theft from bank accounts but do they cover the costs of broken car windows, lost handbags and personal possessions?

“The work required to replace the card and the days without a card is frustrating and it’s not convenient to open a new account and re-establish direct debits.”

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